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Yazhijiang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is leading the international plastic machinery industry in the world. As a big country that has entered the world plastic industry, the development of its plastic industry chain has been integrated with the global plastic industry, and China's booming huge consumer market has undoubtedly driven the rapid development of China's plastic industry. Over the past three years, China's plastic machinery has achieved steady development. Even under the attack of the financial crisis, China's total output value of the plastic industry, industrial sales value and export delivery value have still achieved year-on-year growth, with growth rates of 4.89%, 1.27% and 6.47% respectively. In 2009, when the financial crisis was rampant, China's 518 plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size still achieved a total industrial output value of 10.404 billion yuan and an industrial sales output value of 10.311 billion yuan

at present, the development of China's plastic machinery is attracting special attention all over the world. First, the annual output of China's plastic machinery ranks first in the world, which has an important impact on the world's plastic machinery market; Second, because the export volume of China's plastic machinery is increasing, and the total export value is rising, the global plastic machinery market pattern has undergone new changes; Third, because of the obvious product advantages of China plastics machinery, not only the product quality is assured, but also the cost performance is high, which has considerable competitiveness in foreign markets; Fourth, the development speed of China's plastics machinery has amazed its peers in the world. In addition, the adjustment of industrial structure has been continuously accelerated, and the product grade has been continuously improved. China is participating in international competition as an important basic link of industrial transformation and upgrading in a wider range, in a wider field and at a higher level

it is predicted that the global annual demand for plastic machines will increase from 205000 to 276000 in 2010. In 2010, China's annual demand for plastic machines will increase from the current 75000 to 100000 at this stage. Among them, injection molding machine accounts for about 35%, extrusion unit accounts for about 25%, hollow molding machine accounts for about 5%, and other plastic machines account for about 35%

at present, China's plastic machines are not a large manufacturing country. Nowadays, more and more small enterprises and manufacturers do not pay attention to the plastic machinery industry. The packaging belt unit series test-bed in yazhijiang plastic machine adopts computer-controlled operation and hollow blow molding unit series, The adhesive tape coating machine series has entered the international plastic machine industry. "We would rather be copied by others. Today, yazhijiang is moving towards the world and leading the plastic machine industry with world-class enterprises

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