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YASKAWA electric launched the shape measuring unit for picking bulk workpieces for robots

Yaskawa Electric will start selling the three-dimensional shape measuring unit motoeye-3d as an optional part of the company's industrial robot Motoman on November 1, 2012. This unit is supposed to be used for identifying, distinguishing and handling small parts such as screws, nuts, pipe fittings and stamping parts, so that the robot can automatically pick out the required workpieces from a variety of workpieces in bulk

for ordinary automation equipment, most of the workpieces must be unified into a fixed position and direction in advance, and preparations must be made for adjusting the workpieces. With this unit, the robot will automatically and accurately pick out the required workpieces from a variety of workpieces in bulk. Since the above preparations are not required, it is expected to improve the operation efficiency

motoeye-3d uses laser slit light to scan the workpiece. Since the flexible packaging material is mainly high molecular polymer or its related materials, the reflected light is read by high-speed CMOS sensor, and the three-dimensional shape is measured according to the triangulation principle. Then these data are used to identify the overlap and posture of the workpiece, and automatically generate the best approach route of the robot, so as to realize automation

the measuring range is a square area with a side length of about 1000mm, and the accuracy is 2.0mm. Reduce the measuring range to a square with a side length of 250mm. If there is any doubt, the accuracy can be improved to 0.5mm. The measurement time is less than 3 seconds. The scope can cover the workpieces of common size operated manually, as well as the worktables that distinguish these workpieces

since the unit adopts the scanning mode based on laser slit light, it is not easy to be affected by interference light, so the installation is very simple. Moreover, it is not necessary that some metals based on the camera have no fatigue limit, and the - curve has no horizontal part; As the cycle times increase, the image recognition mode blocks the interfering light and uses special lighting equipment. The overall dimension is 237mm wide and 1 high. Due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, the depth is 202mm. The weight is only 3.5kg. Comply with IP54 waterproof and dustproof standard, and the price is open

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