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Yatesheng Technology launched the extended version of the mass production version of controlsafetm sil4 railway system computing platform

China industrial control industrial control information yatesheng Technology launched the expanded version of the mass production version of controlsafetm sil4 railway system computing platform. Bank of deposit: ABC Beijing Xuanwu sub branch business department exhibition version

September 22, 2016 -- China News -- Artesyn embedded technologies A controlsafe expansion box platform extension platform meeting the safety integrity level 4 (sil4) certification standard was exhibited at innotrans exhibition in Berlin, Germany. The platform is a mass production version of controlsafe computing system, which can greatly shorten the time to market of products, so that customers can quickly deploy and develop a new generation of train control and signal systems or upgrade existing systems. This new platform is an extended version of the controlsafe security platform of Yatsen technology. It has the advantage that the chassis is large, large input/output modules can be inserted, and the design is flexible. The platform can be configured as a dual redundant security system similar to the controlsafe security platform, and can also be deployed as an expanded input/output subsystem

Linsey Miller, vice president of marketing of Yatsen technology, said: "The newly launched controlsafe expansion box platform uses the same technology and the same security architecture of the controlsafe security platform of Yatsen technology, but the input/output volume is large. The launch of this new platform will further expand the product lineup. Since both platforms adopt the same security architecture, users can easily transplant applications between them. In other words, users can support a variety of different applications by using only one platform The same train control and signal system. For example, one of our railway system customers introduced CO in large and busy railway stations to avoid loosening; Change the placement environment of the testing machine, do not wet the ntrolsafe expansion box platform, and run the computer interlocking system on this platform to meet the increasing input/output requirements. The controlsafe platform of Yatsen technology has recently obtained sil4 certification, which shows that we have professional knowledge in the application of railway safety technology. In other words, when customers develop railway safety systems, as long as we use this certified and mass-produced safety platform, we can reduce the development cost, and do not need to bear the risk of successfully applying for certification. "

artson technology will demonstrate this series of controlsafe security platforms at innotrans exhibition in Berlin, Germany, including the production capacity of controlsafe expansion box platform as a high-performance material and controlsafe security platform. The exhibition period is from September 20 to 23, 2016. The booth of atson technology is located at No. 226 in hall 6.1

the controlsafe security platform of Yatsen technology is very stable and reliable, which conforms to the technical specifications and standards related to railway safety, reliability and availability. Moreover, the platform adopts an innovative data synchronization architecture and implements a voting mechanism with hardware, so it can support a new generation of high-performance processors. In addition, the security platform adopts a modular design and has a high degree of flexibility, so it can support the seamless connection of new generation technologies. For example, it can support more input/output interfaces and a new generation of processors to ensure that the platform can be continuously upgraded and updated within its life cycle

in addition, the controlsafe expansion box platform and controlqcp (quality cycle polymer safe platform) have very high software transparency, allowing application developers to migrate existing application software to the platform with only a small amount of modifications. The controlsafe security platform of Yatsen technology is designed to be equipped with multiple input/output modules that can support a variety of different communication protocols, such as controller area network (can), Ethernet Ethernet ring, universal asynchronous transceiver (UART), digital/analog and global positioning system/wireless system, so it is most suitable for the control system of track and vehicle. Yatsen technology can also provide customers with customized input/output solutions to meet the unique requirements of individual applications

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