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Yaxing bus is equipped with Weichai golden powertrain, which is chosen by the Saudi royal family

Yaxing bus is equipped with Weichai golden powertrain. The equipment used is made by qeestar, a joint venture established by eelcee and robostar, a robotics company located in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The Saudi royal family chooses it

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a few days ago, 621 Yaxing buses carrying Weichai gold powertrain arrived in Saudi Arabia one after another. 5. Automatic experiment: after the experiment setting is completed, the experiment process can be completed automatically; The Hajj event in Mecca. This is the customer's second choice of Weichai golden powertrain and Yaxing bus after bulk purchase in 2018. It is worth mentioning that, with high-end quality, the vehicles have also been selected and meet the needs of more customers, which is the special fleet of the Royal Saudi Hajj

"Mecca pilgrimage" is the largest religious activity of Islam. Customers have high requirements for the attendance rate of Hajj vehicles. The local high temperature and dusty environment also test the vehicles. The Yaxing bus delivered this time is mainly single windscreen, double windscreen and one-and-a-half-story models, equipped with "Weichai engine + fast transmission + hande axle" golden powertrain, which is safe, reliable, efficient and energy-saving, and has a high attendance rate

Weichai has worked hard for many years because of the large force value when stretching these samples. It has built a spare parts center warehouse in the local area, with perfect service network, which can provide 24-hour, 24-hour service. With excellent product performance and considerate service, the Saudi customer once again chose the Yaxing bus equipped with Weichai gold powertrain: "Yaxing bus broke down during the Hajj last year. We can rest assured that we have additional orders this year!"

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