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YGS renewable new material rod is suitable for the lubrication free operation of agricultural machinery

Abstract: no matter it is wind and weather, or extreme working conditions such as dust, dirt or high load, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery must bear

igus has developed a new raw material rod Iglidur Q2. Its high wear resistance and compression resistance make it possible to ensure long-term lubrication free and maintenance free operation of the machine, which is suitable for open-air operation of agricultural machinery and high-intensity operation of Baling Machines. In addition, there is another Iglidur a180 which can contact with food and is applicable to the manufacturing of food machinery and equipment

dust, dirt and heavy load are common in agricultural and engineering machinery. Igus now goes to Wang Fei's laboratory 1 to explore and develop a new raw material rod, Iglidur Q2, to produce special friction optimized parts suitable for such working conditions, including astronaut materials and scientific experimental supplies. Under extreme load, Iglidur Q2 has extremely high wear resistance and compressive strength. It is especially suitable for heavy load swing movement and is very impact resistant. New materials can ensure long-term lubrication free and maintenance free operation of machinery

construction machinery and agricultural machinery must withstand extreme working conditions such as wind and weather, dust, dirt or high load. Iglidur Q2 material is specially developed by igus for these application conditions. It has special advantages in the limit load range, especially the edge load force and impact resistance. In addition to dynamic loads, Iglidur Q2 is also suitable for high impact and dirty conditions, such as balers, wheel loaders or ploughs. This material is resistant not only to dirt, but also to chemicals, such as those used in fertilizers. The igus sliding bearing made of Iglidur Q2 has received a warm response once it was launched. Now, igus once again introduces the raw material bar made of it. Igus raw material bar is convenient for customers to produce special parts cost effectively. Customers can also use Iglidur materials to realize prototype testing, and carry out the production of geometric parts in small batches or that cannot pass injection molding and 3D printing

igus wear-resistant parts are made of friction optimized engineering plastics without lubrication and maintenance, so their advantages in engineering machinery and agricultural applications are particularly obvious after using impact testing machines. Lubrication free makes the bearing free from maintenance during operation. Sudden opening and closing time shall be avoided by all means, and mechanical failure caused by lack of lubrication is prevented. Dirt and impurities will no longer adhere to the bearings, thereby reducing wear. In addition, less lubricant is discharged into the environment

igus raw material bar allows users to freely design and customize wear-resistant parts easily and economically. In addition to supplying raw material rods, igus also provides machining services for special parts. Through speedcut rapid cutting service, igus can complete customer orders and production in a few days, including simple plain bearings and thrust washers, as well as complex customized solutions. Iglidur raw material bars are generally supplied as round bars, pipes and plates, as well as special profiles. Sports plastics experts have 27 kinds of raw materials to choose from. In addition to Iglidur Q2, there are other professional materials, such as Iglidur a180 that can contact with food and Iglidur X that can withstand high temperature

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