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But this is not a surprising number in the current decoration industry. Wang you, the head contractor, said that in the peak decoration season, the monthly income of a wall smasher is even higher than this figure. Judging from the current market supply and demand, the compensation of decoration workers will rise in 2011

during the peak decoration season, "Huang sledgehammer" earns more than 10000 yuan per month.

Wang you, a 38 year old Dandong native, has been a decorator for 20 years. Since he left home at the age of 18 to work as an apprentice in Dalian, Wang you didn't expect that the carpentry he had to learn because of his livelihood would bring earth shaking changes to his life

Wang you said that in the past two years, the rate of rise in decoration labor costs was even incredible to him. In recent years, he has experienced in carpentry and decoration, and now he has become a "hot commodity", and his income is also very considerable. Two years ago, a bricklayer could earn up to 150-200 yuan a day, and even less earlier. Now, a skilled Bricklayer's income will not be less than 300 yuan/day, which must be a friend's price. During the peak decoration season in the second half of 2010, the labors who smashed walls and carried them earned at least 300 yuan a day, and the monthly income of more than 10000 yuan was no problem. "It's no exaggeration to catch up with the peak decoration season, and the monthly income of wall Smashers is just in case. But because this work is dirty and tired, fewer and fewer people are willing to do it." Wang you said that recently, he contracted a major decoration job and looked for the cooperation of wall Smashers who were familiar in the past. The bidding price of the other party has exceeded 350 yuan/day

the reporter learned in the interview that since the end of 2010, the labor costs of bricklayers, home decoration and building materials installers, painters, porters, wall Smashers, hydropower workers and other types of work have generally increased by at least 30%. Among them, bricklayers increased the most, with an increase of more than 50%

the owners queued up for the decoration company to quietly raise the quotation

due to the overall decline in the number of decoration workers, the former decoration "guerrillas" have now become high-income people. The "schedule" of many ready-made decoration workers will be arranged from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, and even the phenomenon of "one job is difficult to obtain" has appeared. Therefore, it is common for a decoration worker to "rush" between several employers at the same time. Employers generally have to be modest and patient

the rise in labor costs has also brought a great impact to decoration companies. In order to catch up with the rising rate of decoration workers' labor costs, many decoration companies have begun to quietly increase the quotation of some projects. The person in charge of many decoration companies told reporters that since the second half of last year, the cost of decoration workers has basically increased by dozens of yuan in oneortwo months, and the rise is still continuing

the remuneration of decorators will rise sharply this year

referring to the reasons for the shortage of decorators and the rise in labor costs, most decorators said that the rapid development of China's real estate market has led to an increase in decoration work on the one hand, while decoration work is tiring and many people are unwilling to do it, which is also the main reason for the shortage of decorators. A decoration worker who has worked in the decoration industry for more than ten years told reporters that there is a lack of skilled home decoration workers, and it is difficult to recruit workers. At present, with the increase of employment opportunities in our city, many people have given up the tired and dirty decoration industry and "changed careers" to do other jobs, which has led to the rise of home decoration costs. Although decoration companies raise prices, it is difficult to recruit skilled workers in decoration. According to the current market supply and demand, the compensation of decoration workers will rise in 2011





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