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The whole kitchen starts at 15888 yuan, the basin + toilet is 3980 yuan/set, and the solid wood door set of three bedrooms and one bathroom door is 6890 yuan/set &hellip& hellip; In recent years, the building materials market has been full of package sales, and some building materials products are indeed much cheaper when the total price is calculated. Insiders remind that although some packages look beautiful, they don't taste beautiful. Be careful that some businesses take them from the middle

◆ 60% of owners choose the set meal

set meal. As the name suggests, it is to package and sell products to consumers after matching and combining, and the price is different from that of single product purchase. The whole cabinet package is equipped with a range hood, a sink and a stove, and the whole bathroom package includes a basin and a shower. Hecheng sanitary ware once introduced a set of table basin + toilet, which is less than 4000 yuan, of which the unit price of toilet is more than 3000 yuan, and a set of table basin costs at least 2000 yuan, so it costs more than 1000 yuan to buy together

when I decorated my first house, I bought it alone in the building materials market. The cabinet is the cabinet, and the toilet is the toilet. There is no concept of set meal. I'm about to decorate another house. When I went to the building materials market last month, I found that I was out of date. I basically sold in set meals. I paid for it when I packed it. It's not cost-effective to buy only one commodity. Ms. Wang, who has decorated two houses successively, wondered that although there are many products in the set meal, not everyone needs them. Why can't businesses sell them separately as before

because the package is economical, more than 60% of owners choose the package. A person in charge of furniture said that now all categories on the market have launched packages, including whole room furniture, and the price of a set is only about 20000 yuan

◆ package products are not refunded or exchanged.

although various packages are cheaper in overall price, there are also many twists and turns to be vigilant. Consumers often only know the total price of the package, not the price of each commodity. The relevant person in charge of a decoration Association said that, for example, when buying an overall cabinet package, there are generally cabinets, range hoods, and stoves. Consumers do not know how much a linear meter is under the cabinet and on the table respectively, nor do they know the price of the range hoods and stoves. This does not rule out that businesses use tricks to take out outdated range hoods and stoves and sell them to consumers

at the same time, the person in charge reminded consumers that many packages are not refunded or replaced after purchase. Mr. Zhu once encountered such an example. He bought a bathroom set meal containing a basin faucet and a shower faucet at a price of nearly 1000 yuan. After returning home, he found that the basin faucet did not match the size of the basin. Mr. Zhu went to the merchant to return the basin faucet alone, but the merchant said that the set meal products were not refunded or replaced. Now, this faucet can only be placed in Mr. Zhu's house like a chicken rib, and can only be given away when relatives and friends decorate it





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