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For many decoration Xiaobai, they want to use wallpaper to create a warm and beautiful home, but they are afraid of not knowing the market. They become the wrongdoer, so they worry about gains and losses. In fact, wallpaper is not so complicated. On the contrary, wallpaper is easier to operate than other decorative materials, and the decorative effect is also the best. It is worth money. Today, I will tell you the secrets of wallpaper pasting, interpret the necessary knowledge of wallpaper pasting, and work with you to create a perfect home decoration effect of wallpaper

first, wall treatment is the key

for wallpaper, the wall is a concealed project. If you ignore it, after the wallpaper is put on the wall, a series of problems will appear: soon after the wallpaper is pasted, mold stains will be spotted, internal bubbles will be dense, and the problem of edge warping will not disappear... Just as the foundation is relative to the high-rise building, the bearing effect of the wall on the wallpaper is inestimable. Once it is ignored, all efforts will be put into water. The following points should be achieved in wall treatment:

1. Do a good job in waterproofing

wall seepage is a big taboo. Even if you don't stick wallpaper, I believe no one dare to live in a room with wall seepage every day, and life safety may not be guaranteed. To prevent water seepage in the wall, it is necessary to do a good job of waterproof engineering. Here, it is particularly emphasized that for the wall next door is the bathroom, the wall in the bathroom must be waterproof to prevent the wallpaper from being affected by the humidity of the bathroom

2. Ensure flatness

if the wall is pockmarked, it will not only increase the difficulty of construction, but also make it difficult to ensure the construction quality and affect the appearance. Therefore, the flatness of the wall is very important. The method to judge whether the wall is flat is extremely simple. Generally, it can be observed with the naked eye, or by irradiating the corner with the help of an incandescent lamp, or by leaning a long stick against the wall to see whether there is a gap

3. It must be firm

only a solid wall can the wallpaper be pasted firmly and the durability be guaranteed. If the walls with peeling and powder dropping are directly pasted with wallpaper without treatment, the wallpaper glue will not stick firmly, or the wallpaper will fall off together with the wall, which will make people anxious

4. Clean and no color difference

for solid color wallpaper or thin wallpaper, if there is dirt or color difference on the wall, it is likely to produce the bottom phenomenon after pasting, and the wallpaper will appear particularly dirty and messy. Therefore, for the wall with dirt or color difference, the wall must be treated white

5, moderate pH

at present, most walls are alkaline. If the alkalinity is too high, there will be "paper burning" phenomenon, causing serious damage to the wallpaper. The pH value of the wall is the best between 7-8. If the wall is too alkaline, you can paint the wall with edible rice vinegar or oxalic acid to neutralize it

second, the choice of accessories is very important

wallpaper accessories mainly refer to the base film and wallpaper glue, among which Jialifeng functional base film and edible glutinous rice glue are the most representative, leading the industry trend

1. Why should we brush the base film for wallpaper?

with the development of the wallpaper industry, it has become an industry consensus that wallpaper must be brushed with the base film. The damage caused by not brushing the base film is difficult to predict. Six reasons for brushing the base film:

(1) prevent moisture leakage, moisture and mildew of the wall

(2) isolate alkaline substances on the wall

(3) solidify the wall to prevent the wallpaper from falling off

(4) cover the stains and beautify the wall

(5) protect the wall to facilitate construction

(6) water based raw materials, safety and environmental protection

2. How to choose the base membrane

(1) standard wall: it has the characteristics of flatness, dryness, firmness and no pollution, so it is suitable to choose the standard base membrane

(2) walls easy to crack and walls with wallpaper changed repeatedly: diamond type base film can be used, which has the characteristics of thick film formation, high strength, wear resistance, crack prevention and strong resistance

(3) walls with stains or color differences: generally, permeable covering base membrane is used, which can strengthen the wall and cover the pollution and color differences to form a solid white wall

(4) soft and powdered wall: use permeable base membrane, which can penetrate the putty layer to the wall, and strengthen the firmness between the putty powder and the wall, as well as between the putty layers

(5) alkaline wall: Steel alkali resistant base membrane can be used, which can penetrate deeply into the wall, and the effect of alkali resistant wall protection is good

(6) emulsion paint surface: wall base treasure should be used. Wall base treasure with nanotechnology can penetrate the emulsion paint, enhance the firmness between putty powder and the wall, and form a solid protective film on the surface

3. How to choose high-quality wallpaper glue

at present, glutinous rice glue, with its strong viscosity and green environmental protection, has gradually replaced the traditional glue powder and mortar and become the mainstream of wallpaper glue. Glutinous rice glue belongs to starch glue, which is the most environmentally friendly wallpaper glue. It is easy to construct. Its viscosity value is more than three times that of ordinary rubber powder glue. It is suitable for a variety of wallpaper and is the preferred product for household wallpaper. Of course, the glutinous rice glue on the market is also a mixture of good and evil. Choose the high-quality glutinous rice glue produced by regular manufacturers

(1) choose products with clear product and manufacturer information, and reject three no products

(2) choose products with Chinese marks, all foreign language packaging are basically fake imported goods

(3) choose products without irritating smell, and be safe and assured

III. six conditions for wallpaper pasting

wallpaper construction is the last process of hard decoration of house decoration and the beginning of soft decoration, which should be carried out in woodworking, painting, water and electricity All hardware such as plastering shall be completed and cleaned once

1. Floor installation

2. Skirting line installation

3. Door pocket and door installation

4. Wood paint completion

5. Air conditioning hole drilling

6. Curtain rod hole drilling

4. Five precautions after construction

after construction, you also need to pay attention to some details, such as ventilation, cleaning and maintenance. Pay attention to these details. A room decorated with wallpaper can always maintain a beautiful and clean effect

1. Dry the wallpaper in the shade

after pasting the wallpaper, close the doors and windows for 2-3 days to dry the wallpaper in the shade. The room that has just finished the wallpaper will be ventilated immediately, which will cause the wallpaper to curl and bulge

2. Prevent seams

never turn on the heating and air conditioning before the wallpaper is dry, so as to avoid the sharp contraction of the wallpaper causing seams

3. Moisture proof ventilation

when the air humidity is high, the windows should be closed in time to prevent the invasion of moist air outside the house; When the weather is fine, open the windows in time for ventilation

4. Repair the damage

after the construction, remember to keep the remaining wallpaper and don't throw it away. When the surface of the wallpaper is polluted, the stains cannot be removed, or the wallpaper is damaged, the remaining wallpaper can be used for repair. Note that the repaired wallpaper must use the same batch

5. Cleaning and maintenance

wallpaper should be cleaned and maintained frequently. Generally, PVC materials are cleaned with wet towels or sponges, and those that cannot be cleaned are cleaned with feather dusters

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