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Hunan Fenglong Paper Co., Ltd. has 30000 tons of household paper settled in Xiangyin recently, Yueyang Xiangyin Fenglong Paper Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the 30000 tons of household paper project, which also marks the official settlement of the project in Xiangyin County, Hunan Province. The completion of the project will further expand the production scale of Fenglong paper industry, improve the competitive intelligence and flexibility of enterprises, promote the continuous expansion and strengthening of enterprises, accelerate the development of paper industry in Xiangyin County, and promote the new Jinmin spray free materials to have rich colors, good surface gloss, meet diversified aesthetic needs, be more environmentally friendly, and can be 100% recycled The process of industrialization with the advantages of low comprehensive utilization cost has a positive role in promoting. Tianzili, Secretary of Hunan Xiangyin County Party committee, lizuofeng, county head, and Yan Kaichen, chairman of Thailand Qingshan Paper group attended the signing ceremony

since Fenglong Paper Co., Ltd. settled in Xiangyin County in april2001, it has actively expanded investment, paid close attention to technological innovation, and continuously expanded the sales market. The scale of the enterprise is growing day by day. It has gradually become a leading enterprise in Xiangyin paper industry, contributing to the prosperity of the local economy and the promotion of labor employment. This year, moved by the sincere investment invitation of the county Party committee and the county government, and attracted by the unique location and traffic conditions, superior economic development environment and efficient service quality of our county, the company overcame the serious impact of the financial crisis and resolutely decided to invest in the construction of a 30000 ton household paper project in Xiangyin. The total investment of the project is 60million yuan. After completion, the new annual output value will be 200million yuan, and the new profit and tax will be 15million yuan. The project mainly uses reed pulp to manufacture medium and high-grade household paper, which has the characteristics of green and environmental protection. The product quality meets the market requirements, has great development potential and broad market prospects. Lizuofeng, the county magistrate, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. On behalf of the county Party committee, the county people's Congress, the county government and the county CPPCC, he extended a warm welcome to Fenglong Paper Co., Ltd. for the construction of a 30000 ton household paper project in our county. He also said that the county Party committee and government attached great importance to and fully supported the 30000 ton household paper project of Fenglong paper industry. It is the development trend that all relevant functional departments should wholeheartedly serve the enterprise and create the best environment. It is hoped that Fenglong Paper Co., Ltd. will speed up the project construction, put into operation as soon as possible, create brilliant achievements again, and make new contributions to the economic and social development of Xiangyin

Ma Na, member of the Standing Committee of Xiangyin County Party committee and deputy county head, presided over the signing ceremony. County leaders yinjiahui, zhouyougeng, xuweiqiu, huchuntian, Zhang Yaling, Li Aijia, Wang Yuejin and the heads of Fenglong and Fengli Paper Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony

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