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Human computer interaction: it allows you to recognize "aerial handwriting"

without mouse, keyboard, or even contact, the computer will "see" everything you want to tell it - in Microsoft's "future technology" layout, identifying aerial handwriting is a fantastic clip about human-computer interaction

in Washington, D.C. in 2054, Anton, played by Tom Cruise, wears his gloves with contacts and operates programs and windows on the transparent display with both hands, which is very cool. Even if they are not science fiction fans or game fans, many people will look forward to the science fiction like life in the film minority report

in fact, you are probably cooler than Tom Cruise: when you are playing against the machine in the air, 2. The main technical parameters of the special experimental machine for Jinan assay steel pipe scaffold are no longer "casting pearls before swine". Microsoft Research Asia's air handwriting recognition technology enables computers, smart appliances and game consoles to recognize the characters we are representing, including Chinese characters, Japanese, Korean, numbers and English words. Just like the game of "I'll compare and you'll guess", the difference is that the other party who guessed the content of our comparison has now become a machine as "smart" as people. It only needs an ordinary computer, a camera and a game console handle to recognize the aerial handwriting technology, which can be separated from the mouse, keyboard and even replace the human-computer interaction of touch technology like the iPhone

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if keyboard and mouse input and handwriting touch respectively represent the two stages of human-computer interaction, it can be said that the recognition of aerial handwriting has brought this interaction into the era of 3.0. "For this basic innovative technology, it is exciting to think of the countless most imaginative applications developed on it. This is also the most anticipated moment as a researcher. No one can predict what kind of applications software developers and developers applying Microsoft platform will develop in identifying air handwriting technology. It can be said that as far as you can think, you can get as far as you can." When Huoqiang, the research director of the speech group of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, said these words, Ma Lei, the main leader of the air handwriting recognition project, was holding an orange to demonstrate Microsoft's "soft" word

it Tai Chi Dance

it is not easy for machines to "understand" human ideas and "express" them. The traditional use of keyboard input and now the popular touch input in intelligence clearly "instill" information into the computer. However, the air handwriting recognition technology is more like the traditional Chinese Taijiquan method. The movement is not only like Taijiquan, but also can "follow the heart"

the air handwriting recognition project team designed two solutions for demonstration: the cheapest way is to use a webcam to observe the movement of users' hands; Or use a device with sensors called "gyroscopes" and "accelerometers" to capture the movement of the user's hand. After the motion of the user's hand is captured, it is compensated. After enhancement, the handwriting recognition module can recognize the text written by the user in the air

"the whole process of the machine from capture, mapping, recognition to display involves two technologies: one is dynamic moving object capture; the other is handwriting recognition." Ma Lei introduced to. Select an object that can be distinguished from the surrounding color, place it in the center of the video capture box, and press the button of the game console to start writing. In the process of capturing moving objects, it is necessary to teach the computer the target objects to be captured. When the computer knows the selected moving target, the movement of other objects in the surrounding environment will not produce interference

during the movement of the target object in the air, a three-dimensional image track is generated. What is mapped to the two-dimensional camera is a planarized track graph. This planarized motion track requires good handling of blur and jitter. When the computer obtains a clear motion track, the background handwriting recognition can be analyzed to get the text that the user wants to write. "This seemingly simple image analysis and character recognition has been done in the corresponding field for decades. It can definitely be called high technology." Huo Qiang said, "for example, the number 3 will have similar characters like 'Le', which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of recognition." The final recognition result integrates the analysis of the machine on the writing action and image results. "Shape information is very important, first of all, image; on the other hand, dynamic information is also a very important reference."

Ma Lei said that the difference between air handwriting recognition and writing on the handwriting board is that the handwriting board is sharp and sharp. But writing in the air needs one stroke to complete. There is no concept of falseness and reality, and I can't write with a pen. In the process of writing in the air, "it is similar to Chinese Tai Chi, which is relatively smooth and flowing. When the speed becomes zero, it is impossible to have corresponding inflection points, so this font needs special treatment."

The future of interaction Gates once said that the interaction between people and computers will become more and more like the interaction between people. Apple's iPhone and Nintendo's Wii game console are favored by consumers for their excellent performance in the user interaction interface. Windows7, Microsoft's next generation operating system, as a natural user interface, also has built-in touch support function; Microsoft surface, a Microsoft intelligent touch desktop computer, looks more like a multi-functional desktop screen

when it comes to the initial idea of air handwriting recognition technology, Songping, chief researcher and head of voice group of Microsoft Research Asia, said, "This idea is to solve the problem of how to use gestures to input characters in a specific environment without a keyboard or tablet. Recognizing aerial handwriting is an outstanding innovation in terms of technology and improving user experience. I believe this innovation will be applied to many products and services of Microsoft at present and in the future."

from the perspective of research and development, the aerial handwriting technology, which is separated from the recognition of keyboard and mouse, has brought the imagination one step closer, curbed the volume of transactions and greatly reduced the position, or previewed the mainstream interactive experience in the future. This will help Microsoft cultivate more and more "sign language speakers" in the human-computer interaction experience

as for the three scenarios for identifying the future application of aerial handwriting, Ma Lei introduced that in the interactive game environment, users input some words in the air, such as names, answers, and even decryption game symbols, in order to obtain different game experiences; On connected devices, such as IPTV, Xbox, and even smart appliances, it is convenient to use long-distance "gestures" when inputting text messages. For example, search for video on network TV, search for game animation on Xbox, and so on; For parents, gesture, a way of teaching and playing, is more suitable for children who are active and like visual impact. In the future, Microsoft Research Asia hopes that the recognition of aerial handwriting technology can solve more practical problems for users and enable other interesting and meaningful things to happen. Moreover, there will be no limit to using only one tracking point. In the future, there will be multiple tracking points to be applied to the search and zoom of Microsoft map search service

"the purpose of our research and development is to improve the user experience. During the interaction and communication with the product department, Microsoft Research Asia will jointly discuss the time to apply these innovative technologies to the products or transfer them out. However, as a researcher, it is the most exciting thing for us to be able to make thousands of households apply their innovative ideas." Huo Qiang told me

Huo Qiang and Ma Lei just returned from Microsoft Redmond headquarters recently. They demonstrated the recognition of aerial handwriting technology at the annual technology festival of Microsoft Research Institute, which attracted the attention of Microsoft product department, colleagues of other Microsoft Research Institutes around the world and the media. Chris pirillo, a famous blogger who wrote that China could reduce CO2 and SO2 emissions by more than 64million tons, wrote in his blog: "although this software is only a technical prototype and has not been applied, I am optimistic about it. This is an amazing research. Can you imagine when this software will be applied? All Xbox fans will wait and see!"

these basic innovations full of infinite possibilities are the most energetic. It may not be a mature application in itself, but once combined with interesting ideas in real life, it can produce countless wonderful results. Microsoft is good at mobilizing rich R & D resources to do "laying the foundation". Identifying aerial handwriting has expanded the possibility of more rich applications. This may be the charm of the "beauty of R & D" of Microsoft Research Asia

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