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On May 20, in order to optimize the business environment of the construction machinery industry and serve the healthy and high-quality development of the construction machinery industry, The higher people's Court of Hunan Province has decided to carry out a three-month special execution activity of execution cases involving the construction machinery industry, and concentrate time and effort on handling the outstanding cases in which the construction machinery manufacturing enterprise is the applicant for execution

in recent years, the number of enforcement cases involving the construction machinery manufacturing industry in Hunan has increased year by year, which is difficult to implement, and some courts have a tendency of backlog of cases. In order to ensure the orderly progress of the special implementation activities, Hunan Higher People's court set up an activity leading group and formulated a thorough work plan. The first stage of the special implementation activities is the preparation stage of the activities, where cases are comprehensively investigated, standing books are established, and implementation measures are formulated by categories; The second stage is the strong promotion stage, which will strengthen the implementation to ensure that all cases with property available for implementation are implemented in place; The third stage is the summary and improvement stage to sort out the problems found in the activities and improve the relevant systems and mechanisms

the Hunan high court requires that the courts of the whole province should comprehensively investigate the case base, establish case accounts, take measures according to local conditions and cases, and make accurate efforts. It is necessary to strengthen the enforcement work, take the two steps of collateral investigation and control and traditional investigation and control, exhaust the property investigation measures, and vigorously implement the property report order, lawyer investigation order, reward announcement and other methods to find out the property clues of the person subjected to execution. For those who want to highlight the implementation work, the counter force frame device must be used for coercion in the verification process, and measures such as fines, detention, joint punishment for breach of trust, consumption restriction, even for small batch production, such as restricting exit, and investigating criminal cases of refusal to execute must be applied according to law, so as to further improve the actual settlement rate and ensure that all cases with property available for execution are implemented in place. We should take the initiative to invite deputies to the National People's Congress. The following points are for reference: CPPCC members and the media witnessed the whole process of supervision and implementation, and made full use of television, newspapers, press conferences and other platforms to widely publicize the results of the special implementation activities. Those who fail to organize special activities and are perfunctory will be seriously held accountable through circulars of criticism, interviews and special "yellow card" warnings

source: People's court report

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