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Human nature management: satisfying desires cannot be achieved in one step

there is a story about a coachman who tied a handful of grass in front of the donkey to make the donkey run faster. It happened to be half a foot away from the donkey's mouth. In order to get the green grass, the donkey ran forward desperately, but no matter how hard he tried, the grass could not reach his mouth

of course, after pulling the goods, the coachman can throw the yellowing grass at the donkey's feet and let him taste the joy of victory with the movement of the grating. People have a common problem, which is that they don't cherish things that are too easy to get. Only those they have earned through hard work are especially valued. If you keep your promises and promises so casually, even if it takes a lot of effort, the effect may not be good. Mechanical property test method

in the early years of the Southern Song Dynasty, in the face of the massive attack of the Jin people, Liu Guangshi and Zhang Jun, who were known as famous generals at that time, would only blindly avoid the enemy and run away, instead of daring to control the electronic experimental machine with a microcomputer, which is your better choice to fight back. On the one hand, they are born with "rickets". On the other hand, because they are already in high office and respected, they think that even if they have made great contributions, they will not have a greater chance of promotion. What impact will the uneven installation of the force measuring part have on the indication? "Green grass", they are full and no longer hungry

at that time, although Yue Fei had emerged, he did not have much fame and status. Only when he was engaged in a mortal battle with the Jin people did a man named Jun Ji write to the imperial court and recommend Yue Fei. The letter stated: "Although Yue Fei has tens of thousands of soldiers, his official position is low, and the imperial court has no favor for him. He is an unknown low-level officer, just like a hungry eagle preparing to fly high. If he is asked to perform meritorious deeds, he will be rewarded with a certain rank of official, complete a certain thing, and give him a certain honor. It is just like an eagle. If he catches a rabbit, he will feed a mouse, catch a fox, he will feed it Poultry. If we try to control him in this way, he will not be satisfied. He will always be greedy for work and want to fight. In this way, he will certainly do meritorious deeds for the country again and again. "

although it is said that the county detective regards Yue Fei as a man who is greedy for work and profits, it is really a misinterpretation and disparaging of the national hero. However, the greedy and profit seeking characteristics of human nature mentioned in his recommendation letter can provide a good reference for management:

first, the process of promise cannot be achieved in one step. Promise is like commodity exchange, "if you get a rabbit, you will feed a rabbit; if you get a fox, you will feed a bird". If you make a small contribution, you will get a small profit, and if you make a great Duke, you will get a big profit. It is necessary to consciously extend the process of making promises and fulfilling promises, so that employees' desire to achieve outstanding performance will always be in a state of hunger and will never have a sense of satisfaction. Only in this way can they have the motivation to make contributions

II. Promises and promises can not be achieved in one step, and it is better never to achieve them. If a person's desire for work is met prematurely, his will to make contributions and forge ahead will be slackened; Once they reach the peak of their desire, not only will their will to make contributions and forge ahead disappear, but also will breed ambition or pride and degeneration

III. do not "shrink" or "over add" the promise, let alone "replace", otherwise, you will break your promise; He will become "blind" to his future. If he is not sure, he will not inspire his motivation; You can't use him to achieve the desired purpose

IV. the process of promise and promise fulfillment is also the "struggle" process of the will of both sides. In order to ensure that the donkey can run fast, the donkey must not see your "plot" and must constantly change its methods; Otherwise, your method will not work! If you always dogmatically tie the grass half a foot away from the donkey's beak, there are always so many, or it is still grass, and the number of repetitions reaches a certain level, "people" will find out your "conspiracy", and the method will fail. (end)

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