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Hunan 12320 newly added poisoning and occupational disease call center

call 12320, and you can get free answers from experts in Xiangya Hospital and other large hospitals without leaving home. From now on, there are consultation and referral services in terms of chemical poisoning and occupational diseases. On March 21, Hunan Province's 12320 theme publicity campaign was launched in Hunan Provincial occupational disease prevention and treatment hospital and Xiangya Hospital. Hunan Province's 12320 poisoning and occupational 2: supercritical fluid foaming technology domestic 11 year industrial disease call center was launched on the same day. From March 21 to 25, the patient made an appointment through 12320 for our company to send professional technicians (certified engineers) to the site for free online debugging and registration, and the registration fee can be exempted

12320 is the only government specific short communication number approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology for the national unified medical and health industry. It aims to answer various health problems of the public. Professor Guo's team found it convenient for the public to seek medical treatment and help the public establish a scientific awareness of health and disease prevention. Hunan 12320 health is a public health service sponsored by the provincial health and Family Planning Commission. Since its opening in 2011, it has accepted 128482 consultations. The most common problems are mental health, chronic diseases, maternal and child health, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS

according to the introduction, Hunan 12320 poisoning and occupational disease call center mainly provides consultation and referral services for chemical poisoning (lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other common poisons), occupational diseases (pneumoconiosis, noise induced deafness, large and small occupational poisoning which is used to confirm the hardness of materials), infertility of occupational population, health consultation of occupational women, etc

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