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The peripheral protection system of Intelligent Community -- design scheme and quotation of vibrating cable

I. overall description

a community is completed in two phases. This scheme is a complete set of phase I and phase II schemes. According to the actual situation on site, the whole community is divided into 6 alarm areas, including 3 areas in phase I and 3 areas in phase II; The construction shall be completed in two times. According to the preliminary drawings provided, the peripheral distance is about 750m, and the actual quantities are settled based on the actual length. We have provided 2 sets of product plans and quotations for your choice

II. Joint venture production system

1. System introduction

the cable warning system is a new intrusion detection device specially designed for perimeter security. It will make an immersed perimeter active and become a user's sentry and guard. The sensor cable perimeter anti-theft alarm system is an ideal perimeter anti-theft mode specially designed for the community. It uses the sensing cable installed on the fence or enclosure to convert the mechanical stress acting on it into electrical signals. The digitizer and analog analyzer in the controller process the signals. The channel controller distinguishes between false alarm and real intrusion by processing the input signal frequency, amplitude, time sequence and other electronic parameters. The system is especially suitable for the surrounding alarm prevention of small areas such as residences, villas and important targets. The system is applicable to any weather conditions, easy to install in any type of fence or underground, and can be used for anti-intrusion and anti-theft alarm under various indoor and outdoor conditions

2. System composition

this system is mainly composed of three parts:

sensing cable: it is a special cable laid on buildings, fences and fences. As a distribution sensor, it can convert the mechanical vibration (i.e. the vibration brought by intruders) on the protection perimeter into electrical signals

interface box: it is the pre signal processor installed at the detection site and the bridge connecting the host and the sensing cable

host: installed in the guard room, its core is that the microcomputer can process the vibration signal extruder as an important processing equipment to realize automatic monitoring, automatic alarm and automatic control functions

3. Main performance indicators of the system

· maximum warning length of 500m × 4

· maximum control area 4 zones

· maximum signal transmission distance (host to interface box): 500M

· operating ambient temperature: -40 ℃ - +70 ℃

· explosion proof: sensor passive, no spark

· automatic alarm and monitoring

· automatic printing and storage of alarm information

· with anti disassembly Anti cracking and fault alarm function

· with real-time clock system

· with signal level display

· can automatically/manually control the startup of 6-way external equipment

· with sensitivity and alarm condition parameter selection

· sensing cable outer diameter 8mm

III. Israel multisensor advanced perimeter protection system

1. System introduction

Israel secotec multisensor advanced perimeter protection system, A high-tech perimeter intrusion prevention and detection system specially designed for perimeter monitoring. The main electronic equipment of the system is the transceiver unit (TRU) and the detection unit (DU), which are connected to both ends of the sensing cable. A common cable can complete the function of vibration sensing. Any mechanical action of intentionally crossing the protective fence will cause the sensing cable fixed on the fence to generate weak electrical signals. After corresponding amplification, its parameters (frequency, amplitude, peak time sequence, etc.) will be analyzed and processed by the system to determine whether there is a real intrusion attempt at the signal source. The frequency response characteristic of 1-12hz, plus the gain control setting and advanced frequency filtering control function of the system, make it have high sensitivity and low false alarm rate. It has high anti false alarm ability against vibration caused by wind, rain, lightning, automobile, aircraft and other surrounding environmental factors. High quality intrusion detectors will greatly improve the feasibility and quality of perimeter security. This product can provide a guaranteed warning for residential areas, power plants, airports, military sites, oil refineries, oil depots, industrial facilities, etc. any attempt to enter the reserve will cause mechanical stress of sensor cables installed in fences, walls or about 10cm deep underground. This mechanical stress will be automatically converted into electrical signals, which will be transmitted through the transmission/receiver. The advanced controller will control the frequency, amplitude The analysis of electronic parameters such as time sequence can accurately distinguish the real invasion and false alarm caused by animals and natural phenomena

2. Relevant indicators

· sensitivity ≤ 0.5kg external force

· working temperature - 30 -+ 70 С °

· workers can turn on the power to work at a humidity of 100%

· the cable diameter is not more than 6mm, the weight is not more than 65kg/km

· the maximum length is 3000 meters, which can form a defense area

3. Main advantages

· extremely low false alarm rate, and keep in good working condition when the wind speed is up to 70 km/h, accompanied by thunder, lightning, heavy rain or snow ----- xupiming, associate professor of Far East University of science and technology. Birds, cats, dogs and other animals will not produce false alarm. It is necessary to carry out the fatigue test of materials under alternating load

· the detection sensitivity is high and can be flexibly adjusted in the field

· it has a wide range of installation positions. It is suitable for mountain, zigzag buildings and complex ground type installation. It can be installed on the fence, in the wall, under the carpet and in the gravel

· the system is open and can be connected with other monitoring systems

· low cost of system installation, operation and maintenance

· long service life, no less than 15 years

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