The most popular human perfume bottle wins the law

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The French Body Perfume Bottle won the lawsuit

because it believed that it had infringed its own copyright, In 2013, the annual sales of France was nearly SEK 84billion. Chinese Joan made the display display display: "n0--" and then input the sample number (workpiece number) from small to large into the machine. Jean Paul gaulliter took Shantou jiarou fine Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Province and Zhao, a market stall owner in Chongwen District, Beijing, to court

the first instance judgment of the second intermediate people's Court of Beijing recently: Shantou jiarou fine Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. stopped using and copying the "female body shape in tight clothes" perfume bottle, "male body shape in sea soul" perfume bottle, metal barrel shaped outer packaging box and plastic transparent packaging paper with the product pictures of the above two perfume bottles that infringed the copyright of Joan Paul Golgi; Compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses incurred for litigation

source: Harbin

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