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Suzhou University has built human body database for clothing recently, the first project of "human body database for clothing in China" undertaken by Suzhou University has passed the appraisal of China Textile Industry Federation. Experts believe that the project provides a good technical support for the industrialized application of intelligent human information data

human body contour data, also known as body surface size, is the basis for garment production, and the construction of relevant database system has become an urgent infrastructure for the garment industry. However, the more important thing for China's population is to change many concepts. The development of modern data industry is inseparable from the needs of testing equipment. It is difficult to collect data, and the relevant content has been blank

the project realizes the automatic processing of multi-source anthropometric data and intelligent feature extraction; The correlation between 2D manual measurement data and 3D automatic measurement data is established; Through the analysis and verification of data, the formulation and classification of manual and 3D measurement technical specifications, and the extraction of industrial data, the construction of body information database for large categories of garment workers even if part of their production capacity is completely closed has been completed

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