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We only believe that extraordinary belongs to a few people. But in fact, everyone can have extraordinary. It is made with ingenuity, different, and committed to creating the extraordinary in everyone's heart. In March, happy wooden door annual strategy, Beijing door exhibition, invite you to come and witness together

Happy China, 14 years of strength precipitation, different

14 years of happiness, glory and attention

in 2004, the brand of happy wooden door was launched nationwide

from 2005 to 2015, The 140 Mu flagship smart factory of kaixinmumen was put into operation. The international flexible production line was introduced. With excellent products and product services, it provided home solutions for more than 5 million customers in more than 600 cities in China. More than 30 honors crowned kaixinmen brand in 2016, Happy wooden door 13 years of accumulation

launch the new brand strategy of "starting from the heart, starting again"

positioning light luxury market segmentation 6 major product lines

strategic cooperation China's top auto events CDC

heavy actions occur frequently

committed to leading the new height of "made in Chongqing wooden door"

2017, "Cross the border to make a difference" kaixinmumen's annual brand new release

with the trendy products "Muji light" and "kaixincoco"

were exhibited in Beijing in March, and the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July

was well received both inside and outside the industry

kaixinmumen (Chongqing Changshou Industrial Park) 140 Mu flagship plant real photos

2018 new ideas, with different, To extraordinary

light luxury temperament is born

happiness keeps a distance from secular interests

wood table light decoration creates a new form of home decoration

draw a line between traditional wooden doors and whole house decoration

market segmentation is more refined, the target audience is more clear

changeable collocation, and the style of all people

is different. In 2018, happy continues to work to create extraordinary

Happy China, and brand-new products launch the China 100 city plan

six product lines, Create a new form of the industry

from making wooden doors to making a good life

we adhere to one step at a time

become the "creator of Chinese light luxury brands"

doorstep log solid wood doors, its high-end solid wood products

Tianyue solid wood doors, elite advanced products

van fan composite solid wood doors, original fashion products

platinum is made with ingenuity, and Seiko alloy products

wood are light-weight and changeable.The, Create a new form of home decoration

happy coco breaks the traditional boredom, Give more color to wooden door

happy coco debut at Beijing door exhibition 2017

welcome to join the city partner plan 2.0

version upgrade of the city partner plan 2.0

30million seed fund

build a happy wooden door city partner Incubation Platform

cultivate hundreds of millions of dealers

integrate enterprise brand strength and various resources

landing funds and in-depth services help

jointly build a business ecosystem, Achieve a win-win situation for happy manufacturers

2017 happy wooden door terminal store reinstallation and upgrading

Happy China, three cities and three exhibitions strongly promote distribution awareness

happy wooden door strategic layout Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Super first-line urban charm, exudes eye-catching

all economic indicators fly together, Better grasp the market trend password

the most industry representative and market benchmark role

2018 kaixinmumen three cities and three exhibitions

complete the grand strategic layout of North China, central China and South China

2017 Guangzhou Construction Expo crowd surging

two sessions and one exhibition, Fully release the potential energy of happiness

two sessions and one exhibition (Beijing door exhibition, Shanghai Construction Expo, Guangzhou Construction Expo)

the preferred platform for domestic and foreign door enterprises to participate in the exhibition

thousands of exhibitors, known as the industry's top trading platform

gather first-line brands, accelerate market development, release the volume of products

precise trade docking, Achieve win-win results for all parties

effect map of 2018 Beijing Exhibition

happy strength leaps to a new height

happy wooden door has been honed for 14 years

140 Mu modern smart factory

annual supply orders of 800million layout of more than 600 cities in China

the whole process of products, Complete quality inspection item by item in all links

implement the mechanism of compensation before accountability

promise to deliver goods within 25 days

open light luxury and high-quality life services for more than 5million users

the 2017 Guangzhou Construction Expo is full of people

Happy China, with the content of Wang detonating the fermentation of popular brands

happy brand super +, Win win 10 million traffic

when the post-80s and 90s have become the mainstream of consumption

we are optimistic about their superior aesthetic and consumption power

they refuse mediocrity and pursue quality of life

happy wooden door aims at the target customer group and forms a differentiated promotion strategy

2018, "happy super +" brand strategy proudly launched

happy wooden door + Internet variety, multiple exposure detonates traffic, Ten million exposures easily realize

happy wooden door + Fashion auto sports events, the most specific auto events in China, ignite audience passion

happy wooden door + star interaction, traffic stars pry the huge market, help the brand speak, and improve the store rate and conversion rate

happy wooden door is the strategic partner of China Auto drift Championship

we only believe that extraordinary is only a few people

but in fact, Everyone can have extraordinary

craftsmanship and be different

committed to creating the extraordinary

happy wooden door in everyone's heart. In this

March, happy wooden door annual strategy

Beijing door exhibition, you are invited to come and witness together





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