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Zhang Zifeng also installed a smart lock and went out with his good friend Ma Lanhua during the May Day holiday. As a result, Zhang Zifeng remembered that he had forgotten his key again and was told by Ma Lanhua that he had installed a smart lock. It seemed that he had been worried about it for a long time. It was not until April that Zhang Zifeng installed a smart lock. It was the same brand as Ma Lanhua: Huangdi

does it take so long to buy something

after all, I just graduated from Shenzhen, a big city. Rice is expensive and it's not easy to live

on the first day of installation, I took photos and videos and sent them to Ma Lanhua

although it is a brand, it has different models and colors

Zhang Zilan's smart lock is black, not as beautiful as Ma Lanhua's red, and it also looks "simple and honest"

after all, people are different. Zhang Zilan is not a publicity person

the next night, let Ma Lanhua come to experience the experience. The two also had a hot pot at home, heartily

in this way, Zhang Zilan also led a keyless life


in the twinkling of an eye, April passed, ushering in the May Day holiday

four days is enough to go back to her hometown. Zhang Zilan thought of going back with Ma Lanhua

it turns out that their hometown is not far from each other, but it's just a neighboring city, but one is in the East and the other is in the West. It's a little far by car

Ma Lanhua refused because she wanted to visit the nearby scenic spots

go home when you're free. Unlike Ma Lanhua's style, she wants to see the outside world

so they decided to go shopping on the first day, and then go to the nearby mountains


to climb, Wutong Mountain is also good, but the two have been there several times

this time, I plan to run far away and go to Baiyun Mountain -- I can also take a tour of Guangzhou City by the way

the two-and-a-half-hour train is neither fast nor slow. It happens to have time to read a book

Zhang Zilan took out the first volume of the tale of Genji, which she bought yesterday, and read it

Prince Genji is handsome and naturally easy to win the favor of girls

just as Jia Baoyu is easy to be loved by a group of Jia family women

time flies, and it has arrived in the blink of an eye

the two of them first went for a long time to find some snacks, and then followed the map to find a hotel close to the scenic spot to stay


both mountains are low mountains, but they are small and exquisite. If you look closely, you can turn around in a day

Ma Lanhua used to go to Mount Hua with his family, but it took nearly half a day to climb the mountain. At that time, he just shouted "tired" and didn't have much time to enjoy the scenery

I took a bus to the scenic spot in the morning of the third day

it's pulley, grass skiing and bungee jumping

Zhang Zilan bungee jumping, her legs are still a little soft, but Ma Lanhua is very happy

along the way, they were taking photos and chatting. Unconsciously, it was almost noon

fortunately, I brought "dry food", otherwise I would really be hungry

the two of them played for another afternoon. At threeorfour o'clock, they planned to make a cable car to get down

"Oh, I lost my key", Zhang Zilan suddenly shouted, so anxious that she just flipped through the bag

"where's your brain? I forgot the smart lock installed a few days ago?", Ma Lanhua said helplessly while playing with her mobile phone

"my brain was broken by you bungee jumping."

"nonsense, even if it's broken, you know to quarrel with me."

"let's go to Guangzhou tower tomorrow. I heard it's far away!"

"that's what I mean!"

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