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Popular elements: simple and elegant Chinese elements

key words: traditional materials, low tone lightness, patterned silk fabrics

after the Beijing Olympic Games, people all over the world have a little Chinese complex more or less. The Oriental trend of globalization and the popularity of Chinese classicism suggest that the symbol "Chinese element" has high artistic value all over the world. What is the significance of "Chinese elements" in modern living rooms? What vision and technology do we need to have to create a modern Chinese space

part1: traditional techniques + simple modern design style

create a space full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people

traditional Chinese design mainly uses symmetrical and balanced techniques, smooth and regular, with simple and stable colors in color and wood and stone in material. Modern Chinese style combines the essence of traditional Chinese style with the concept of modern people's life. It not only seeks changes in the layout and enriches its spatial impression, but also adds a lot of bright colors in color, which brings liveliness and adds a jumping sense of music. In terms of materials, modern technology is applied without any restriction, and comparison methods are adopted, such as the comparison of glass, stainless steel and rock, solid wood and other materials, which can not only enhance the sense of modernity, but also lose the overall Chinese charm

modern Chinese style is simple to say, but it is not easy to do well. Because the so-called modern Chinese style is not a simple combination of modern + Chinese style or the stacking of its elements, but should be carefully considered, from the aspects of function, beauty, cultural meaning, coordination and so on, and the use of traditional culture and artistic connotation to re create materials, structures and processes, in order to create a coordinated and rich modern Chinese home space

part2: a color scheme based on slightly lower lightness and less bright colors

Chinese style soft decoration is becoming more and more diversified in color, and there is a lot of room to choose and match. But the room should not be decorated with more colors, so as not to break the elegant atmosphere of home life. The color should not be bright, but should be dominated by low lightness and less bright colors, such as plain blue, dark red, dark gray, dark gold, olive green, etc

part3: traditional patterns + Silk Satin patterns and materials

patterns are mainly characterized by Chinese traditional patterns, such as dragon, Phoenix, bat, magpie, lotus, baoxianghua, pomegranate, gourd, Huixing pattern, Shouzi pattern, etc. the patterns are magnificent and decorative

silk, satin and other delicate fabrics

Part4: pay attention to the comprehensive collocation of furniture with different elements and styles

the application of modern Chinese furniture should strive to innovate in the creation of the overall scene, and pay attention to the comprehensive collocation of furniture with different elements and styles. For example, the fashionable and exquisite modern sofa appears to be full of the flavor of the times in the living room, and the paired armchairs or official hat chairs can also coexist peacefully with the Western sofa, which not only creates the unique style of the East, but also has practical functions

for example, putting a flower table and tea table with exquisite workmanship and patterns in the reception hall will bring unexpected results; Many European sofas are designed for the living room with Chinese short tables and antique boxes, showing the coordination and beauty of the combination of Chinese and Western styles; In the restaurant configuration, square or round chairs and stools can also be used as tea tables because of their convenient movement; Put Chinese desks and chairs in the study or workshop, and the ancient elements can help to obtain the state of meditation; The Chinese screen is beautiful and elegant. If it is used as a spacing area, it also has a lasting appeal

Part5: main traditional ornaments + partial modern abstract ornaments

rich decorative details are the distillation of traditional Chinese style, in which ornaments can reflect the owner's taste, enrich the cultural heritage of the space, and resolve the monotony of the dead corner of the space, which is also reflected in modern Chinese home furnishings

for example, at the end of the corridor, you can make some unique decorations, or murals, or decorate several cases and other ornaments, so that the originally monotonous transition space becomes vivid and exquisite. The ornaments suitable for modern Chinese home space include a large number of green plants, cloth art, decorative paintings, candlesticks, and lamps of different styles, etc., but the main ornaments of the space are traditional ornaments such as Chinese paintings, palace lanterns, and purple pottery. In some places, you can also choose abstract or geometric line decorations to add color to the spatial contrast

in addition, in the lighting of modern Chinese space, a soft tone should be maintained as far as possible, and in the lighting selection, it is not necessary to stick to the shape of traditional lanterns, with modern simple geometric line lamps




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