In fact, the bedroom matches the bay window very w

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Suifu suggested that the floating window should be used in the bedroom, so that the scenery and the leisurely rest corner can be found

the floating window design can bring better lighting and decorative effects to the bedroom, and it integrates beauty and practicality. The floating window design of different styles reflects the unique taste of the bedroom

the floating window in the bedroom pays more attention to creating a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. After careful layout, you will find that the floating window is not only an observation deck, but also a small bed or storage space. The floating window close to the sun is also a warm place in the bedroom

the floating window gives the bedroom an extra place to sit and lie at will, which can visually expand the size of the bedroom space. A reasonable floating window design scheme can be matched according to the wall structure. The bay window integrated with the bedroom will be more beautiful and comfortable

the ceiling of the bedroom can form a unique shape with the top of the bay window, which looks like an independent scene from a distance. The floating window with strong permeability makes the whole space flexible and stable

the floating window design is consistent with the overall decoration style of the bedroom. Suifu doors and windows feel that the floor of the bay window is decorated with favorite flowers and works of art, which creates a comfortable feeling and makes people relax physically and mentally

in the bedroom with bay window design, you can watch the bustling streets during the day and enjoy the stars and moons in the night sky at night. Floating windows and Suifu doors and windows are selected Is a good choice




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