Magnolia wallpaper twigs wrapped fresh and natural

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When a person feels tired, he always wants to go out for a walk in nature. The green trees and the flowers with changeable postures can let people put down their pressure, release themselves and enjoy it

Magnolia has been unique in the design of wallpapers in recent years. According to the different needs of different customers, Magnolia has set up Magnolia series, brown color series, Disney series, wallana series, functional Wallpapers series, etc. However, no matter what the style is, Yulan always puts environmental protection in the first place, and takes the lead in promoting 100% use of all water-based environmental protection ink in the domestic wallpaper industry. Only with professional management can we have high-quality products

the Magnolia wallpaper selected this time integrates the characteristics of a variety of flowers and plants. The convoluted specious flowers, branches and leaves, get the air of auspicious clouds, take the attitude of flowers and plants, and create the most distinctive patterns in Chinese popular decoration

the leaves are stretched and the branches of flowers are rolling, like a auspicious cloud just coming out of the hill, or thousands of stamens around the branches, and the veins of leaves are lingering, which is indescribable and poetic

this pearlescent white, with twigs wrapped together with elegant white, gives people a feeling of pearlescent circulation and washing away the world's lead. Coupled with a simple match, or a painting or a lamp, it is fascinating

silver grey is used as the main color, which shows the fashion style of simple Europe and creates a modern palace. The three-dimensional flocking shows elegance and luxury. Put a sofa next to it, and you can enjoy a different aristocratic atmosphere when you are in it

the sun shines on the champagne gold wall, if the shadow appears, or pick up a book, quietly accompanied by the softness of the sun, as if you were in a painting, giving people a refreshing and romantic feeling

this wallpaper is deeply loved by consumers because of its ultra-fine grain and circular screen synchronous printing process. Whether it is laid in the living room, bedroom or study, it is very versatile. If you come home after a day's work and see such fresh and natural decoration, you must feel better




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