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The wooden door manufacturer [Meike wooden door] is a happy home, a door with temperature

the wooden door manufacturer [Meike wooden door] is a happy home, a door with temperature

the improvement of life and the popularization of home decoration. More people see the improvement of life taste, a door, a warm home

Meike Shangpin wooden door is a combination of hand carved technology and oriental traditional mortise and tenon structure, and then manufactured by advanced production equipment. The above carvings are carefully carved by the carving master. The carvings are beautiful and generous, fully showing the complex and luxurious carving process

beautiful and generous

Meike Shangpin wooden door inherits China's long-standing woodworking culture, and has a strict grasp of wooden doors in terms of material selection, design, technology and so on. Strive to perfect the design and integrate infinite wonderful ideas. After the craftsman's careful polishing and repeated repair, pieces of materials turn into pleasing wooden doors, adding a classic atmosphere to your home life


in order to prevent deformation and cracking, the solid wood core material is specially used for the solid wood door of Merck Shangpin, which is not easy to crack and deform. The moisture content of the base material is strictly controlled to ensure that the produced wooden door is not deformed

value and taste

a good wooden door can stand the test of time. The wooden door is cumbersome, and the after-sales service must be lasting. Americo Shangpin first made the commitment of "ten-year warranty" in the industry. The innate tenacity, extraordinary and self-confidence always show the taste of Mako Shangpin wooden door

comfort and peace of mind

the thermal insulation, comfort and safety of American science Shangpin wooden door are also commendable. A home should be a warm and warm place. When you drag your tired body home, touch the door. A kind of gentle wood makes you feel happy, and the one with temperature is happy

cabinets, wardrobes, wine cabinets, wooden doors, overall home decoration, whole house customization, wall panels, log stair handrails

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