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How to decorate the duplex building of Silver Lake jade? This is a problem that many Wuhan decoration owners pay special attention to. Obviously, not all owners have time to stare at the construction site and run the market. On the one hand, it wastes time; on the other hand, as a layman of decoration, he is cheated by bad decoration companies and building materials manufacturers because he does not know the professional knowledge of decoration. Then Xiaobian will come to give you advice. Today, the chief designer of Wuhan Yezhifeng decoration company showed you the latest American style decoration case of Silver Lake jade. Without much nonsense, there is a picture and a truth immediately

[specific room type]: Silver Lake jade, 245 square meters, duplex building

[design description]: according to the characteristics of the house type and the requirements of the decoration owner, the designer chose to adopt American style to carry out the overall home decoration layout for the owner. In the overall color selection, try to use fresh and natural colors, and match with solid wood home soft decoration to adjust the color. In the whole design, the complexity of traditional furniture is abandoned, and more simple lines and natural solid wood lines are used to highlight the elegant atmosphere of simplicity without losing dignity. The main materials are diatom mud, solid wood lines, imported wood panels, etc. In terms of soft decoration, it inherits the characteristics of traditional European style and fully absorbs the "form and spirit" characteristics of its style

[decoration company]: Wuhan Yezhifeng decoration bijianyan

the pressure and impetuousness brought by work annoy the owners. What they need is a space that can really relax. When they open the door, they see the antique and nostalgic desk and bookcase, which is elegant and generous, without redundant colors, layout, noise and complexity, and a school of tranquility and remoteness; A simple layout and adjustable lighting control make the atmosphere more romantic and warm, just like the warm sun in the morning

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